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Let us know your views

casa Services are always looking for ways to improve the service it offers to participants, their families and supporters. To do this effectively, we need to know what you think about the services you receive. Tell us what we do best, where we don’t meet your expectations plus any ideas and suggestions you may have. Only by listening to you can we continue to build and improve upon the service we offer.

Complaints procedure

If you have a complaint about the service, you have received please let us know. casa Services operates a complaints procedure as part of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission system for dealing with complaints. Our complaints system meets national criteria.

Note: If you make a complaint it is policy to ensure you are not discriminated against, or subjected to any effect on your care, treatment or support.

How to complain

Most problems can be sorted out quickly and easily, often at the time they arise with the person concerned and this may be the approach you try first. Where you are not able to resolve your complaint in this way and wish to make a formal complaint you should do so, preferably in writing, as soon as possible after the event and ideally within a few days, as this helps us to establish what happened more easily.

If you would prefer to have an informal discussion in relation to your complaint, please contact our Operations Manager during normal business hours. There may be a simple solution to your complaint with which the Operations Manager can assist, or further investigation may be necessary.

What we do next

We look to settle complaints as soon as possible. We will acknowledge receipt within 3 working days and aim to have looked into the matter within 10 working days.

You may then receive a formal reply in writing or may be invited to meet with the person(s) concerned to attempt to resolve the issue. If the matter is likely to take longer than this, we will let you know, and keep you informed as the investigation progresses.

When the investigations are complete your complaint will be determined, and a final response sent to you.

Complaining on behalf of someone else

Please note that casa Services keeps strictly to the rules of confidentiality. If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we need to know that you have their permission to do so. A note signed by the person concerned will be required, unless they are incapable of providing this due to illness or disability.

Complaining to other authorities

The Senior Management Team hope that if you have a problem with the service you have received, that you will use casa Services complaints procedure.

However, if you feel you cannot raise your complaint with us, you can contact the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission:

·         Call on 1800 035 544

·         Visit

When you should raise a concern

Contact us if:

  • You feel a service is unsatisfactory
  • You did not receive enough information or choice
  • You were denied respect, dignity or privacy
  • You ever feel unsafe

If you raise a concern, you can expect we will:

  • Provide information that is helpful, accurate, and easy to understand
  • Are courteous and considerate in how we engage with you
  • Promptly refer requests to the appropriate person
  • Respond to requests within a reasonable time
  • Keep you informed of progress or delays
  • Aim for a resolution that is reasonable

Lodging the form:

You can send your written feedback/complaint to:

The Operations Manager
Casa Services Incorporated
PO Box 9150
Alice Springs NT 0871


Email: [email protected]


Use our online form

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