Frequently Asked Questions – Quality and Safeguarding

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is casa accredited and qualified to provide support for people with disabilities?


Why Choose to receive supports from Casa?

Casa Services offer a wide range of support options and activities. Our staff are trained and professional and have excelled in quality audits. We provide a welcoming and safe environment for individuals to achieve excellent outcomes. We are happy to evolve with you as your support needs change.

At casa Services we offer you:

Support – A superior personal support services which puts you at the centre of everything we do

Choice – Maximising choices for you, allowing you to best meet your own needs and goals

Independence – We encourage independence and personal growth by supporting you in activities that engage you in the local community as a part of everyday life

How can I get services from casa?

If you are receiving NDIS funding and require the supports that casa offer, contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs and complete necessary paperwork. Our staff are happy to come to your home or we can meet at the office.

If you are funded through another agency, notify them that casa is your preferred service provider. They will then contact us to arrange the next steps.

No matter what your funding arrangement, casa will meet with you to discuss your needs.

Do I need NDIS funding to purchase services form casa?

No. There are many ways to access activities and supports.

The majority of people who come to casa have funding packages from the National Disability Insurance Agency; others directly purchase supports. All you need to do is contact us to discuss your needs and we can then set up a service agreement where we will bill you directly for services.

I am worried about the privacy of my personal information, is casa safe?

We take the privacy and security of your information very seriously. We do not share your information with others unless you agree to us doing that. You can read our privacy policy.

What if I am not happy with my worker?

We will always try to match you with the worker who best meets your needs, has the most relevant skills and experience and who shares your interests. We also personally introduce you to the worker/s who will be assisting you. If you are not happy with this support worker, you can always contact us to arrange to meet another worker.

English is not my first language… how can you help?

We strive to provide information in the language and mode of communication which you will be most likely to understand, and we are flexible to assist you in your specific needs.

You can bring a family member or trusted friend with you to help you tell us what you need. We can also arrange for an interpreter to help you.

If I’m not happy with casa Service, how can I tell you without being afraid?

It’s ok to make a complaint! Complaints help us understand what is important to you and improve the quality of services we provide.

If you are comfortable, you are encouraged to raise your concern or complaint with us first so we can try to resolve the issue quickly. To make a complaint click here.