casa Services Values

These values were developed by staff and reflect the principles we want to guide our work as an organisation.

These values underpin our workplace culture and expectations of all staff.


Being flexible and understanding in the way we work and having the ability to change when needed to achieve the best outcomes for participants and staff.


Being dedicated to our mission, participants, and staff to achieve the best outcomes.


Giving those we work with choice and control. Affording all people, the opportunity to grow and meet their potential through support.


A willingness to understand and accept differences in our community and belief systems with the common goal of creating further respect and equality within our organisation.


Different ideas, values and cultures working collaboratively together to share and achieve common goals. 


Taking responsibility for actions and behaviours while successfully delivering an outcome in an honest and open way.


The ability to improve ourselves, gain more knowledge and find better ways to upgrade our work, services and build positive relationships.

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