Casa is delighted to see two of our outstanding participants receive a 2021 Mayoral Award: Lazarus Connelly and Justin Williams.

Announced Wednesday at the Alice Springs Town Council annual ceremony, Laz and Justin received awards for their noteworthy contribution to the Alice Springs community.

Throughout 2021, Laz worked every week as team manager and security safety officer for the ‘Wednesday Wellbeing’ program Footy 4 Life at Anzac Oval.

Justin is part of the EqualiTEA program run by NT Friendship and Support.

While on shift at the parks, Justin performs his tasks to perfection, from collecting litter and weeding, to blowing the footpaths.

As part of the parks team, Justin plays a vital role for the community keeping the communal grassed areas of Alice Springs rubbish-free for all to enjoy.

Congratulations Laz and Justin – the recognition of your role in Alice Springs life is well-deserved!

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